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It is Aztec Energy's commitment to provide a safe, accident-free, and healthy work environment for everyone. Our company's due diligence means taking all reasonable care to protect the well-being of employees. Having a safe work environment where prevention is just as important as being a company proudly at the forefront of access expertise. To meet the standard of due diligence, we take all reasonable precautions in the circumstance to carry out work safely. 

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Our safety policies are based on past experience and current standards, and are also an integral part of Aztec Energy's personnel policies. This means that compliance with the policies is a condition of employment and must be taken seriously. 
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Safety and health are every bit as important in this organization as productivity and quality. In fact, they go hand in hand. We are relentless about safety. While it is our goal to complete all projects in a timely and cost-effective manner, it will never be at the expense of safety that's why we are always..."Safe on Purpose".
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